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The U.S. Association of Accredited Business is the leading member organization focused on the advancement of business and consumer relations. USAAB is founded on the fundamentals of creating a connection of unbiased trust, integrity and ethics between businesses and consumers.

Business members adhere to the standards of USAAB’s Code of Ethics. All businesses undergo a thorough annual audit to verify every member upholds the Association’s Code of Ethics. (For more information on USAAB's Code of Ethics, please visit Code of Ethics & Membership Guidelines.)

By limiting association membership to ethical businesses while keeping accreditation and basic membership free of any costs or dues, USAAB creates an unbiased source of information for consumers. USAAB ensures membership remains available to businesses of all sizes and divisions—providing cross-sector advocacy and support to companies willing to meet and exceed the requirements set by our membership guidelines. USAAB has continued to strengthen consumer-to-business relations among businesses, organizations, and communities extending from all backgrounds.

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